About Us

About Us

1st Reader

Psychic readings by Victoria
Contact number | (254)289-4150

I am a 7th generation psychic, life coach, Empath, energy healer, clairvoyant and spiritual advisor. My unique gift allows me to tap into your spirit guides and guardian Angel's to help unveil details of the past, present, and future To help you find balance and transcend to a positive life path. I have been reading professionally over 10 years helping many along the way when it comes to love, marriage, business, career, finances and much more.

2nd Reader

Psychic readings by Mother Hanna
Contact number | (254)771-2381

Mother Hanna is a born gifted clairvoyant clairaudient and clairsentient empathy medium reiki master and psychic life coach for over 25 years she's been reading professionally mother Hanna has the abilities to see and feel the energies to for fill your life destiny to guide you to the right path in life mother Hanna uses her abilities to reveal your true destiny and guide and direct you and relieve you